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We are on a mission to deliver the latest fashion that fits you, with the quality that you deserve, at fair and honest prices.

We do this by stocking value-for-money products and keeping your buying experience simple.

No pushy personnel upselling pricey products, complicated coupon codes, or messy memberships. Just a transparent, trustworthy optical business giving you the best value in spectacles.


We are the best optical store for glasses, because we only do glasses.

Otago Optical

Your Visit To Us

Welcome to Otago Optical!

We currently work on an efficient hybrid model of having appointments as well as a walk-in timing slot. This ensure you can get good service and your glasses done in a timely manner.

Our location and operating hours are over at this page.

More information on our prices, products, and services are available at this page.

We do glasses right - with the latest trends in eyewear and quality that gives value for money.

Trendy stuff

New shop, new stocks. We source for the latest styles so our frames are always lit, plus you've got a great selection to choose from.


Don't save a little and sacrifice a lot on quality - your vision correction should be reliable like the ERP - I mean MRT.

No price shocks

Transparent pricing is as important to us as it is to you. Our prices and products are listed and open for all to see (and compare!). Happy viewing our collection.


Keeping things simple makes your buying experience a wonderful one. You don't need to know optical jargons or have a membership. Got questions? Just contact us or visit us today!

Professional eye check

You will be served by a qualified and registered eyecare professional with a decade of experience in both retail and clinic. We don't anyhow.

A message from us


Hello there!

Otago Optical started out as a humble shop in the attic of a shophouse in Chinatown, and with growing support, we took the leap to move to a more accessible location in Jalan Besar.


Our values and focus have remained the same - we still specialise in unbranded frames, while having both standard and premium lenses, with a select range of lens brands.

We are passionate about what we do - giving you the best value by curating quality glasses & lenses, and providing convenience through our express service.


Our prices are transparent and fair, and we also like to pass on knowledge to better empower consumers, and we believe in being honest in what we offer (and what we don't).

We thank you for placing your trust in us and look forward to be of service to you.

- The Otago Team

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"Balancing quality with affordability"

TheSmartLocal - Otago Optical - Best affordable spectacle shops in Singapore


"Transparent, affordable pricing and professional service"

WahSoShiok - Otago Optical Affordable Eyewear brand in Singapore

Singapore's Finest


"Prices are honest and transparent with a simple package pricing system. Qualified and experienced professionals staff the store, so everything from a simple pair of glasses to progressives and office workspace lenses can be done here – at the best value!"





Chinatown Singapore

"Otago Optical curates the trendiest frames and presents them in a relaxed setting in the upper level of a shophouse, offering affordable all-in packages as well as premium lenses depending on the wearer's needs. "

Chinatown Singapore feature.jpg


"谁说经济实惠和质量上佳不能兼得!Otago Optical 就平衡了质量和性价比"

sgnews feature.jpg

Digital Senior

"Otago Optical achieves affordability by specialising in unbranded frames. The local retailer aims to provide trendy and quality eyewear at affordable prices...owned and staffed by experienced eyecare professionals"

Digital Senior Features Otago Optical

Deenise Glitz

"Their price structure is clear and very transparent. I was very pleased with their frames and service here. Otago Optical is definitely one of the more affordable places in Singapore to get your glasses done."

Deenise Glitz Features Otago Optical
Deenise Glitz Features Otago Optical
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