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200 days of Otago Optical, and the Cai Fan Cai Png Index

On 23rd December 2022, we will celebrate 200 days of Otago Optical going live!

With all the recent happenings yada yada, we have seen prices creeping up, which means a higher cost of living, and it looks to be trending upwards, so...



Kind of tongue-in-cheek, but kind of legit.

If we started with 1.00 when we began this business:

Cai Fan/Cai Png (Economy Rice) Index: 1.65

Green Bean Soup Index: 1.54

Chicken/Duck Rice Index: 1.42

Teh Tarik Index: 1.30

Curry Chicken Briyani Index: 1.20

(Last Updated May 2024)

These price increases are, for most of us, very well tolerated, although I'm pretty sure it's not very welcomed!

Briyani yum yum.



And while other shops (you know who you are) are doing lame things like leaving indecorous messages for us on our website and doing inappropriate things to our letter-box, we are busy ensuring that we have a good spread of products across our price ranges, and finding ways to continue delivering quality glasses at affordable, wallet-friendly prices!

By being inclusive in our prices, there's something for everyone (at least the large majority of us!) - whether you need a spare pair of glasses for National Service, or a nicer one to celebrate getting a new swanky job in the CBD; whether it's a basic single vision lenses with UV protection, or the latest generation blue-light blocking / violet-light blocking lenses from a good brand. We want to have it all - for you!


When we started out, we had three main glasses packages: $60 / $90 / $120. Today, we have added on a $45.90 budget series, $99 best value series, and a $180 signature range.

And yes, you can get a decent pair of glasses for just $60, with lenses - it isn't a gimmick. Russell, for instance, is a lightweight TR90 plastic frame that's quite flexible, making it comfortable and durable, and comes with multicoated lenses (UV protection, yes) of your prescription up to 800 degrees of myopia and 200 degrees of astigmatism.

No extra charges, no GST, and no price shocks!

Most importantly, as we increased our product range, we have also added new styles into our cheaper price ranges.

Otago Optical - always affordable!

Today, a whopping 44% of our styles are $60 and under (and that's not including some of the marked-down off-season stocks that we are clearing in-store), and almost 73% of our styles are under the $100 mark.

You now have 51 styles that are under $100 to choose from, compared to just 36 styles back then!

This leaves a lot more budget for lens upgrades, or for a spare pair of glasses. Or perhaps a visit to one of the many cafes in the area.


Decent quality glasses don't have to cost an arm an a leg, and we are here to support that - by specialising in unbranded frames and providing a good curation of lenses to suit every budget.


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