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Large and Double-Bar Frames

Look Book for Large and Double Bar Frames Spectacles Singapore

If you're one of the lucky people without a super high prescription, you have the added choice of larger frames. Popular these days are the metal-rimmed hexagonal and square-ish shapes. Also, double-bar glasses remain a classic choice for those who prefer a retro look.

Show off some style with our trendy oversized glasses! The metal options are more "Korean-Style" while the metal-plastic combination options which are thicker are more classic or retro style.

Looking all chic with the clean lines in a hexagonal-shape spectacles:

Rose Gold Korean Style Glasses Singapore
Worn: Omarama in Rose Gold

Check out this range of very stylish eyewear:

Trendy glasses - check!

Not-so-mainstream - check!

Retro chic - check!

View our frames online, come visit us at our optical store in Chinatown, and try on the trendiest glasses in town! We promise it's affordable too, and without hidden charges - we know transparent pricing is important to you. Plus you'll get your eyes checked.


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