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Look-Book: Round Minimalist Frames

Look-Book from Otago Optical - Round Minimalist Frames in trend now

Round minimalist metal frames are still in trend - despite being around for some time.

Perhaps it has go to do with the neutral round shape that fits many faces, paired with a thin metal frame that is lightweight and does not distract from one's overall facial features.

It is not too serious, yet not overly casual for work.

It just fits, nicely.

Round Korean Trendy Frame - Otago Optical Chinatown Shop

Girl wearing a trendy round minimalist metal frame - Otago Optical Chinatown

Off-round shapes like heptagonal (that's seven sides!) offer a special variant to the typical smooth round shape. We even have one that is three-sided at the top and a smooth curve below.

Looking for the latest trends in eyewear? Want to see more of our round metal frames? Check out our online showroom or come visit us.


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