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Same day spectacles in Singapore

Someone managed to break your glasses and need a new one urgently? Fret not.

Otago Optical offers express service for spectacles. And no, it doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

How fast can I get my glasses done?

Depending on the crowd, anywhere from about 20 minutes to an hour.

This only applies to single vision lenses within the range - not if you have high myopia, high hyperopia, or high astigmatism. Clue: if your lenses always had to be 'special ordered', then chances are you're out of luck here.

There may also be a situation where the lenses are out of stock (a few of our customers buy multiple pairs of glasses at one go, depleting lenses of that particular prescription). Whoops.

Premium lenses, like the ones that change colour under the sun, branded lenses, and so on, also need to be ordered and hence cannot be expressed.

Why only single vision lenses and not progressive lenses?

Progressive lenses, also known as multifocal or varifocal lenses, are made-to-order, except for stock progressive lenses (i.e. ready-made). All our progressive lenses are individualised to the wearer, and are not stock lenses. So, gotta wait!

That's ridiculously fast. How is it done?

Check out our IG video:

The machine does most of the job, making it incredibly fast. Amazing what technology can do hor.

Does it come at an extra cost? No, we do not charge more at this time, despite the relatively high costs of operating in this manner (it's literally having a mini-lab in store, instead of sending it out to the lab). This value-added service applies for all our glasses packages starting from $60.

So what ye waiting for, hop on down to our optical shop - via Maxwell or Chinatown MRT stations!

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