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The Start of Otago Optical

It isn't with a huge world-changing ambition that we are starting a new optical shop, but rather, just the desire to be successful and good, and be successfully good.

I'd describe it as a mixture of frustration and inspiration - that spectacles wearers have a general choice of paying through the roof for the big brands at the big stores for something very good, or taking a risk with the small 'neighbourhood shops' - some of them really good, others.....

New players in the past decade have addressed this quite well, with their 'fast fashion' offerings. But when a company becomes that huge, consistency can be a problem from outlet to outlet, and we have seen how they may eventually morph into the more expensive direction, or start creating things like memberships, app vouchers, and so on. Others have stayed cheap, but provide products with quality on the lowest of the spectrum.

Can't we have something in the middle? Like you know, decently priced glasses, decently good quality, decently trendy. And not having the fear that one is going to get fleeced. And without all the fuss of downloading apps, signing up for memberships, and so on.

And so we seek a balance. (I think?)

There are four things we try to achieve:

  • Trendy eyewear

  • Quality products

  • Affordable prices

  • Reliable eye checks

And so our concept is built around that, along with the ambition to do good, be simple, and keep improving.

Affordable Spectacles Singapore - Otago Optical Chinatown Shop

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