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Transparent Glasses - Trending Now!

Look-Book for transparent eyeglasses - best value optical shop - Otago Optical

Transparent eyeglass frames have become the latest eyewear trend in recent times. While it started off with full clear transparent, spectacle wearers are now also opting for transparent colour tints that look better on them.

Transparent glasses allow for a less formal look, and most people feel it's softer and milder - less fierce looking. Since optical lenses are clear, the clear frame also allows for the entire pair of glasses to blend as one.

Transparent spectacles frame - best value glasses from Otago Optical Singapore

If you dislike plastic frames because of the thicker rims (as compared to metal frames), then this might be a good alternative!

Transparent spectacle frames - inexpensive glasses - Otago Optical Shop

Transparent frames are best paired with clothing of neutral colours although they don't give a striking appearance hence can also go with brighter colours.

Girl wearing a transparent spectacles frame - Otago Optical

Transparent frame affordable glasses optical shop - Otago Optical

Bringing a twist to the transparent trend, we also have these frames in triple-colour-gradient and havana ('tortoise').


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