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What this is:


If you've bought a pair of glasses from us and find the same product cheaper elsewhere, we will give you glasses vouchers for the price difference, up to $30.



Why we provide this assurance:


We are always on the lookout for cheaper supplies of goods (with the same decent quality we expect) and ways to be more efficient (and therefore lower costs). Many times, "I saw this for cheaper elsewhere" ends up being a totally different product, of lower quality, or in a different market altogether, such as it being sold online without being able to try it on, and fulfilled from overseas with a 3 week wait.

But imagine the frustration of the poor customer thinking, "oh no have I overpaid?". Our customers buying happily and with confidence is something we place great importance on - which is why we never hard-sell or push inappropriate products. Hence, we provide this assurance to ensure you can buy without price worries; and instead, you can focus on finding a pair of glasses that you like, is comfortable, and in trend.

While doing this does not fully guarantee that we are the cheapest, it means that we aren't grossly overpriced - else we would have throngs of customers claiming the price difference - and that our prices are very competitive in the market we are in. We also hope this means less of our customers' time is wasted searching around for the best deal.


This is not a guarantee that we are the cheapest - we can say with quite high certainty that not all of our products are the cheapest in the market, as the market is fluid and always shifting, like how we (and other good optical stores) keep working to give everyone the best value - but we are also confident that most folks would not bother claiming the difference in price unless it's something significant. With this, we surely cannot 'chop' customers and we are forced to find ways to consistently deliver the best value.


Why do we only give the difference up to $30:

Our industry is highly competitive and doing so reduces our risk in case of the few bad folks who intentionally find loopholes and ways to create issues for legitimate businesses. As our prices aren't high anyway, it would be rare to have a price difference that exceeds this amount.



Detailed information:


We are serious about our assurance to you. Hence, we provide the following information.


For you to claim the voucher, make sure the cheaper product elsewhere is a fair comparison to the product bought from us. Product has to be the same, i.e. not just an identical copy, style, type, or shape, and must be available for sale to the general public without restrictions, with the same or very similar sale terms and other features and processes, sold in the same market as us, with the same or very similar services and fulfillment. This ensures that there is a fair comparison.


Fair comparison is important, due to the different business models of the optical trade. A physical store in a developed country providing express service is unlikely to compete in the same price bracket as an online-only store from a developing country. Likewise, you should not compare our prices to an optical boutique in an upscale mall that serves you coffee and tea while you browse. It is not reasonable to expect that their prices will be as low as ours. We will reject claims that do not compare in a fair manner.


Examples of an unfair comparison:

  • Item is not new

  • Item is listed online with no actual way of purchasing

  • Item is listed without the appropriate details to properly identify the item

  • Item is available only with purchase of another item or under other conditions such that it is not a simple and direct purchase

  • Item is only available for purchase by select people, e.g. members of a group, corporate scheme, and not ordinarily available to the general public

  • Item is only available for purchase at a select period, e.g. a time-limited, quantity-limited clearance sale

  • Item is only listed after we have listed ours, i.e. intentionally created for the purpose of being a cheaper price than us

  • Item is sold overseas, fulfilled overseas, or with different purchasing processes, e.g. 3 weeks waiting time as item is fulfilled overseas, item is pre-order, item is group-buy with no guarantee that the sale will proceed

  • Item is not sold with the same features, e.g. does not come with prescriptive lenses

  • Item is not sold in the same market, i.e. not a physical optical store with the same services and fulfillment

  • Item is obviously sold as a loss-leader, usually done by large chain stores with funding from large entities in order to drive traffic, disrupt the entire industry, and gain market share

While the above may look like a long list, it is there to deter vexatious claims. We do not outright reject genuine and reasonable cases.

Items that belong to official brands (with recommended retail prices), or are price-controlled, are excluded from this assurance. When buying a branded item, do ensure that the seller is an official retailer or agent, to better ensure authenticity of the product.

If there's anything you're not sure about, talk to us.

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