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About our prices

The prices you see listed in our Shop are inclusive of single vision lenses, i.e. that's the price for both the frame and lenses - as long as your prescription lies within our limit, which covers the majority of folks. The details are in the individual product page, so click on any product and take a look!


You need to top-up if you are looking for a non-basic lens, e.g. if you want your lenses to change to a darker tint under the sun, or if you are above 40 years old and prefer to use progressive (a.k.a. multifocal) lenses.

If your prescription is out of the range, there is also a top-up - the cost varies depending on the lab availability; sometimes (not in all cases!) we are able to find stock lenses with higher degrees or astigmatism hence we do not have to do made-to-order lenses, which means cost and time savings for you (i.e. you don't have to top up so much, or wait so long).

For eye check consultation prices, scroll down or click here.

About price quotations

We get many requests for price quotations every day. Most of these do not contain enough information for us to give an accurate quote. Prices can vary depending on many factors like your prescription, type and function of the lenses, type of frame and mounting if you are doing lenses onto your frame. We do not want to 'bait' customers with low prices, hence in most 'unsure' cases, we will tend to quote a higher price.

If you want an accurate price quote, text us with as much information as possible - your full prescription, type of lens (e.g. single vision or progressives), function that you are looking for (e.g. photochromic, better coating perhaps, violet-light blocking). If you are doing the lenses onto your own frame, the type of frame and ideally an in-focus picture of it.

"I need glasses for far, how much" and "my astigmatism is above 200" is unlikely to yield a quote, because you may have 100 degrees for far and 250 degrees of astigmatism, but someone else asking the same may have 1400 degrees for far with 475 degrees of astigmatism. No kidding. Please give us more information so we can give you a proper ballpark figure.


For branded products, we typically quote the recommended retail price (RRP) as listed by the manufacturer or supplier as we respect their pricing system, but varying amounts of discounts may be given in store.

About our promotions and discounts

Stable prices are a hallmark of our business model, hence our promotions typically are only for a small range of our products (e.g. on a popular series that we ordered in bulk to pass on the savings to everyone).

You'll never have to worry or wait for the 'right time' to buy, because we are not going on a 50% discount tomorrow!

In certain circumstances we may offer discounts (e.g. if you broke your glasses soon after you bought them), and for some corporate customers, your company may be contributing to your employee perks.

Our regular customers are likely to be eligible for discounts - come check in store.

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About our products

Our focus is on giving the best value to our customers, hence we carry mainly un-branded frames as well as house-brand lenses. These are of decent quality and give great bang for the buck. We also have premium products within our range of house-brand lenses.


We carry lenses from the good brands like Crizal, Kodak, and Hoya. There may be some higher-end products not available to us from these brands, as we are just a small store that started out hidden in the attic of a shophouse.

We do not sell contact lenses and cleaning solutions, eye drops, orthokeratology lenses, or clocks and watches (not joking, optical stores in the past used to also repair your retro wall clocks and stock the latest Casio fashion).

About adjustments and repairs

We are capable of adjusting most standard spectacles, replacing most standard nose-pads and replacing missing standard screws. We do not do major repairs like welding broken hinges or repainting of the frame. You may have to bring in the frame for us to assess if we are confident in adjusting or repairing it.

We are okay to adjust and repair your glasses from other stores. Most of the time, quick procedures are not charged.

Scratched lenses cannot be 'polished'.


The large majority of our frames use standard screws and nose-pads and hence they can also be repaired or serviced in many other optical shops (thus not 'trapping' consumers).


There will be a small risk that you have to accept when adjusting or repairing any frame, but we do our best, as always.

About accessories

From replacement nose-pads to strings, ear-hooks to spectacle cloths - we have them all. However, we do not have custom-made clip-on sunglasses. If there's something in particular you are looking for, ask us, or try Google.

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About our services

We provide an integrated and seamless experience - our open concept allows you to browse without pressure, although we are more than happy to help you find your favourite pair of spectacle frames. Our refraction is done with the test chart at a distance of 6 meters (doing it right, yes). For prescription and lenses in stock, we are able to make your glasses on the spot. You can read more about our Express Glasses Service.

About our eye check and consultation

Do you just need an eye check, perhaps a second opinion, or a troubleshooting session? Here are the fees:

Short consultation - $30

Long consultation - $60

Troubleshooting - $90

Short consultation (within 15 mins) involves the eye check and a short summary explanation of your prescription and the changes. This cost is waived with purchase of glasses.

Long consultation (15mins to 30min) involves additional explanation or testing; this is likely to happen should you have some underlying eye condition such as cataracts, and allows us to find the most suitable prescription for you, or if you require more detailed clarifications or adjustments due to your work, such as if you have multiple pair of glasses of which some do not work in certain situations.

Troubleshooting (30min to 45min) involves an in-depth look into the issues you are facing with your current glasses, which would be useful if you have tried but failed to get a prescription or solution that you are comfortable with. We would likely ask quite a number of questions, and it is important that you bring in your glasses, current and old, and even those that do not work, so that we can best help you. Troubleshooting may require some trial-and-error, so more than one consultation may be needed, and it may also involve product costs, e.g. we may try putting in a prescription and let you hang around with it, and then subsequently replacing it later or another day.

About our appointment

We have slots for appointments as well as walk-ins. This hybrid system allows for you to surprise me with bubble tea (no sugar please) when you pass by the area and need an adjustment, and also to better schedule visits to efficiently use time, because no one likes to be stuck at the back of a queue. Plus we don't want to hire staff to sit around just in case a surge of customers come in, and end up beating mosquitoes most of the time (and increasing the cost of your spectacles).

If you are just looking to browse or to make enquiries in-person (yes it's a lot easier sometimes), do come during our walk-in period.

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About using your own frame

Your own frames in good condition and with standard lens mountings is likely to be able to accept new lenses, hooray! Some lens mountings are beyond our expertise and machinery - these have to be couriered to the big labs. The lens fitting procedure will induce stress on the frame, so if you feel stressed about breakages or damages, then you should think twice.

A ballpark figure for doing single vision multicoated lenses with UV protection with a not-so-high degree is about $50. It can be cheaper. It can also be more expensive. It depends. If you need a quotation in-person, look for us during our walk-in hours and remember to bring your frame along.

About using your own lenses

Broke the frame? Can we find a new frame for your current lenses? If they are progressives (a.k.a. multifocal) lenses, you should first try to find the same frame model (from the shop that you bought the frame from). This is because the lenses have to be centered well for the progressives to work properly for you.

If they are single vision lenses and your prescription is not too high, then yes, we can give it a try. If the lenses are small or odd-shaped, then the odds are stacked against you and the chances are smaller. You need to be chill about your options, since they will be limited.

We may not be able to cut all lenses. As our magic crystal ball cannot predict what lenses you have, it's best to let us assess.

Come visit us during our walk-in hours.

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Question not answered here?

Here's the link to our [ FAQ ]

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