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365 days of Otago Optical

We are one year old. It's been a good one for us.

Thank you everyone!

I would like to start this short post by thanking all our customers who have visited us in the past year. It is because of your patronage that we are able to keep the store running the way we want it to - trendy and quality glasses, affordable and honest prices.

We've also have had the luck to meet with many good people along the way who have assisted us in various ways - from social media influencers to our neighbours.

And also to our tiny team toiling in the back-end to make things work; what would I do without your support?

Lastly, not forgetting the suppliers and manufacturers we work with, as we continue to attempt to squeeze every bit of value out from each dollar we pay (just kidding...partly).

Otago Optical Interior

Certainty in uncertainty

"How has it been for you, my friend?"

We live in uncertain times - there are major conflicts evolving, changes in the natural and economic environment, and challenges every step of the way for both businesses and individuals.

Some things (like the weather) we cannot control - like the many costs that have risen rapidly in the past year.

But some things, we like to keep a little more certain.

We will continue to do what we do best - in a good way, in the right way.

Otago Optical Interior 2022
Once upon a time we had much lesser styles

Soon, it will be another 365 days

In the upcoming days, we have new exciting developments - a larger product range for instance. There are new styles in the pipeline, to help you keep up with the trends and to better satisfy wearers who are looking for something different. A wider range of lenses will also manifest.

We will also continuously refine our processes based on your feedback, so we can meet (and exceed) the expectations of the majority of our customers.

Otago Optical can only be as good as your trust in and support for us. Thank you.

Signing off this post,

Signing on back to work,




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