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5 Eyewear Trends of 2022

These are the most in trend and popular eyewear styles of 2022. Are you on board?

The most stylish spectacles do not have to burn a hole in your pocket. Check out our list of trendy and affordable eyeglasses:

1) Transparent Clear Frames

Trendy transparent frames - Otago Optical

It started with the full clear transparent frame, and now it comes in tints like grey, blue, and pink. Transparent spectacles are definitely in fashion this season - looking futuristic and definitely a big difference from the usual thick geeky frames.

2) Round frames and roundish shapes

Hexagonal titanium frame - Otago Optical

Commonly referred to as the "Korean-style", round glasses and roundish shapes are neutral and fit many face shapes, making it a hot favourite for many spectacle wearers. The latest designs incorporate some angular shapes, making it look pentagonal, hexagonal, etc. Some have an angled top half and round bottom half.

3) Double-Bar Large Glasses

Double Bar retro frame - Otago Optical

Once considered to be for old folks, these now come in slightly smaller variants, making it suitable for everyday wear with a retro feel. In addition, there are interesting colour combinations, such as rose-gold and transparent. For the most retro look, choose black and gold.

4) Large Square and Hexagonal Frames

Metal titanium frame - Otago Optical

Larger metal frames were also once considered to be old-fashioned. However, with new colour combinations like bluish-silver and rose-gold, and with lighter materials like titanium being used, they are making a come back as a comfortable and fashionable eyeglasses of choice.

5) Gradient Colour Eyeglasses

Gradient spectacles frame - Otago Optical

Gradient coloured eyeglasses provide a whole new dimension to eyewear, giving off a more fun look. This is an excellent choice if you're looking for a second pair of glasses that looks less serious, perhaps for the weekends. Or if you pull it off, why not use it as your main pair of glasses?

We only live once, so why restrict yourself to a boring pair of glasses? Go for something trendy and make wearing spectacles a little less boring.


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