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Hoya Lenses Singapore

This is the to-go-to article for all about Hoya Lenses. We will update this post when there is new information (and when we feel like it, maybe).

Hoya's target market: premium

Hoya has a excellent portfolio of various lens products and features, and we can see their focus on the mid and high-end of the market, with a full range of both single vision and progressive lenses. I like it as a high quality option, especially for more demanding wearers. Hoya has a small range of more commonly used stock lenses for single vision and single vision with photochromic function, with the rest being RX (made-to-order) lenses.

We list the more commonly used Hoya lenses here, for your information:

Hoya Stock Nulux Classic HVLL

"Nulux" is Hoya's name for their aspheric lens, and HVLL is their premium Hi-Vision LongLife coating. These come in 1.60, 1.67, and 1.74, with RX (made-to-order) available for 1.50, 1.53. The 1.53 index is Trivex material which Hoya calls 'Phoenix' - this offers good tensile strength and a great option for rimless (frame-less) spectacles.

Hoya Stock Nulux EP HVLL

"Nulux EP" offers a double aspheric design, an improvement from the Nulux listed above, and aims to produce a wider clear field of vision while maintaining the thinnest lens possible, I believe by adjusting the base curve. Great for those who want to push the limits on thickness/aesthetics. This is available in 1.60 and 1.67 only, with RX (made-to-order) available for 1.74.

Hoya Stock Sensity HVP/HVLL

There are two variants for this, with "Nulux" and "Hilux" available. "Hilux" is Hoya's name for their spherical lens, which makes this ideal for slightly curved frames (the sporty ones). Depending on the index, it may come with HVP or HVLL coating. HVP is a more 'basic' coating called Hi-Vision View Protect. These can also be ordered as RX (made-to-order) lenses.

For the RX (made-to-order) lenses below, there is the latest "Full Control" option, which includes Hoya's premium HVLL coating, BlueControl coating, and Anti-Bacterial coating - all in one.

It is also possible to add on "Sensity", which is Hoya's photochromic technology that automatically tints the lenses under UV exposure (i.e. when you go under the sun) - except for office lenses of course; those are meant for use at the office desk and not for your lunch date. Hoya also has "Sensity Dark", which allows for an even darker tint. The typical downside of these darker photochromic tints is the residual tint, i.e. it is slightly tinted even when indoors.

Hoya SYNC III / Pro

Described as an "executive lens", these have a functional power at the bottom to help with near tasks for those who spend lots of time looking up close (e.g. mobile phones, tablets, computers, writing). I like these as an option for folks who are not yet deemed presbyopic (~ 35-40 years old) but feeling the strain. There are three options with the 'power boost', depending on how much eye strain the wearer is feeling. Available in 1.50, 1.53, 1.60, 1.67, and 1.74, there is also the option to upgrade to Full Control and/or Sensity.

Hoya WorkStyle Business / WorkStyle 3

These are office or workspace lenses, made for presbyopic wearers who struggle with progressives and want a 'progressives' for intermediate and near work. These function like progressives, except that the focus is on the near and intermediate distances, sans the distant-vision area. WorkStyle Business comes in two designs, one for 2m and the other for 4m. WorkStyle 3 comes in three designs, 6m, 2m, and 1m. Both of these have Full Control as an add-on option.

Hoya Progressive / Multifocal Lenses

Hoya has a full range of progressives available, we list them here from most basic to most premium:

Amplitude Plus

Dynamic Summit

Dynamic Premium

LifeStyle Balansis

LifeStyle 3

MyStyle Profile

MyStyle V+

These are available in various indices (index), and have different levels of customisation and features. Add-ons like Sensity, Full Control, etc. are available. Which do you need? Talk to us to find out more.

Note: The above for informational purposes and may include features as stated by the manufacturer. In store, we recommend what we think is best suited for your needs and budget, so do talk to us in order to make the best decision.

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