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Kodak Lenses Singapore

This is the to-go-to article for all about Kodak Lenses. We will update this post when there is new information (and when we feel like it, maybe).

Kodak's target market: mid-range

Kodak has a good range of products, and we can see their focus on the mid-range segment of the market, with good features like violet-light blocking. I like it as an upgrade from basic lenses, if you're looking something that is value-for-money. Kodak does not have the most basic 'standard' lenses without any added functions as a stock lens.

We list the more commonly used Kodak lenses here, for your information:

Kodak UVBlue

This is a 'new-generation' blue-light blocking lens, which blocks violet light. If you haven't done so, read our post about blue light VS violet light. Good as an inexpensive every-day lens. Comes in 1.56, 1.60, and 1.67 in stock, and also in RX (made-to-order) for 1.74.

Kodak EvoBlue

This is UVBlue+photochromic, which means that it will automatically darken/tint under UV exposure, i.e. if you go under the sun. Good option if you're irritated by glare when stepping out for lunch. Does not darken when you walk into a brightly-lit NTUC supermarket. Comes in 1.56, 1.60, and 1.67, in both stock and RX (made-to-order).

Kodak City

Kodak features this as a day-and-night lens. The coating on my own pair gives off a pink-purple-orange reflection depending on which angle I turn it to. It also blocks violet light, similar to UVBlue. I reckon the coating allows for better vision at night, perhaps by reducing reflection at wavelengths we are more sensitive to, or by allowing higher transmission at certain wavelengths. Maybe this improves contrast. Comes in 1.56, 1.60, and 1.67, in both stock and RX (made-to-order).

The above are single vision lenses with the respective functions. Kodak also has a full range of progressive lenses available with the above features. It is also possible to combine features, e.g. you could do an EvoBlue with City coating (for both single vision and progressives). This would then be considered as RX (made-to-order) lenses.

List of Kodak Progressive Lenses

From basic to premium:

- Kodak Precise PB

- Kodak Easy

- Kodak Unique HD

- Kodak Unique II HD

These are available in various indices (index). Upgrades to functions/features like UVBlue, City, Transitions, EvoBlue, etc. may be possible. Talk to us for more information.

Note: The above for informational purposes and may include features as stated by the manufacturer. In store, we recommend what we think is best suited for your needs and budget, so do talk to us in order to make the best decision.

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