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Premium EasyClean Lenses

Ever bothered by smudges on your spectacle lenses? Find it difficult to clean your lenses? Premium lenses may just be for you!

One of the features of branded lenses is a better coating. The multi-coating on lenses offers features like UV-blocking, hard coat to reduce visible scratches, and a hydrophobic and oliophobic layer to repel water and oil.

If you don't want to spend so much on branded lenses, we offer our house-brand Premium EasyClean Lenses, which feature a nice, smooth coating that is easier to clean - hence offering superior repellence against oil and water, keeping it clear for you.


Do Premium or Branded Lenses last longer?

Yes and no!

If you care for your glasses well, such as by not storing it in a hot place, using a clean spectacles cloth to gently clean the lenses, etc., then it is most likely that premium lenses will last a longer time.

However, if you tend to abuse your glasses or use them a little more roughly, then you may not find such a huge difference between branded and unbranded, or premium and basic, since it is likely that they will get damaged anyway.

Even the best lenses can get scratched if you do not take care of them or drop them onto a hard surface.


Are Premium or Branded Lenses clearer?

Once again, the answer is yes and no!

If you care properly for your spectacle lenses, then branded or premium lenses can be clearer. This is often due to two reasons:

1) The optics can be better due to better lens designs or material used

2) The coating is more easily cleaned, therefore light is not dispersed as it goes through the lenses

Of course, if the glasses are thrown about with lots of scratches on the lenses, then it wouldn't be clear anyway.


Should you do premium lenses? Are branded lenses worth it?

We like to leave the final decision of what lenses to get to you - the wearer. Considering your lifestyle, visual requirements, and how often you want to change your glasses.

If you don't really take good care of the lenses, then basic lenses would be more wallet-friendly in the long run, plus you can get new glasses more often, i.e. change glasses at a higher frequency, which means clearer vision than trying to use more expensive scratched lenses for longer.

If your prescription is stable and you don't throw your glasses around, you would probably better appreciate the additional features of the premium or branded lenses, and you can give them a try.

Still unsure? Visit us in store!


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