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The Best of our Glasses

These are your favourite frames for 2022, together with what we recommend!

Check out this list of the best eyewear - curated by you and us.

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Most Popular Metal Frames
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Best Value Glasses

Who doesn't love good value? That's why you're shopping with us, isn't it.

Here, we curate what gives you the best bang for your buck!

Simple design, lightweight, and made from durable TR90 plastic - it's all in this reasonably priced package. No doubts on why it's popular!

Trendy round-polygonal shape. The super flexible linguine arms means extra durability - yet Naples remains sturdy. An excellent choice.

The club-master design, also known as eye-brow glasses, needs little explanation. Go for black and gold if you prefer classic, or transparent if you want to lean into the latest trends.

Most Trendy Frames

Polygonal shapes are the trend right now, so you'll see the next 3 frames reflect this.

We feel there's more character in polygonal shapes, what do you think?

The polygonal shape, being more striking than a normal rounded shape, gives off more character. With the monochrome and transparent colourways, it's expectedly a crowd favourite.

This spectacles style is very well-balanced - in shape and in the fitting as well. Made to give a neutral look suitable for both formal and casual wear, and being sturdy while retaining the wearing comfort.

A slightly more angular polygonal design for that added flair, and check out the metallic red with silver - a colourway less seen.

Most Popular Metal Glasses

Metal eyeglasses are thinner and tend to give off a more sleek, minimal look.

Metal frames usually come with nose-pads, to best fit less-prominent noses better.

Large, in a squarish design, this glasses was designed to be oversized. Rose-gold, silver, and black colours will never go wrong.

Our initial design, it's still a favourite for the subtle half-hexagon top and rounded bottom half. The slightly small design makes it excellent for higher prescriptions!

The quintessential office-look glasses, flexible and lightweight. Super comfortable.

Most Popular Plastic Glasses

Our lightweight and comfortable plastic frames are sure to delight.

Some say plastic glasses are more casual and geeky, but it really depends on the design!

Made from flexible ultem material and with nosepads to fit less-prominent nose bridges, it's perfect for every-day wear.

Priced very affordably, this spectacles is a favourite for reading glasses or home-wear, as it's flexibility gives it a no-stress feel.

Our second generation transparent design, the clear-stripe colourways  comes with frosted arms for a different feel.

Best of the Best Spectacles

Curating the most tasteful styles for the discerning buyer!

As good as some of the branded glasses, we feel. Come try it for yourself.

Don't let the larger, thicker design fool you. Oxford is a pair of lightweight eyeglasses.

Monochrome colourways with a neutral Japanese-style shape, makes this a wonderful fit for most face shapes.

Mid-sized polygonal, for a more subtle, formal look, and also perfect for higher prescriptions.

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