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Trendy Quality Glasses, Affordable Prices, Chinatown Optical Shop.

 Trendy Quality 


 from $60 

Welcome to Otago Optical :)
Fully owned and staffed by eyecare professionals.

You'll find
trendy quality glasses at affordable prices here;
From single vision to progressives, a spare pair of glasses or premium lenses,

we do it all, better.

Fast Retailing has become Fair Retailing. No discount gimmicks; just honest prices!
Find out more about what drives us, or scroll on and find
your favourite pair of glasses.


Korean Style Minimalist Frames from Otago Optical

 Korean Style 
 Minimalist Frames 

Curated Eyewear Styles from Otago Optical

 The Favourites List 
Curated Styles

Budget Range Cheapest Glasses from Otago Optical

Cheapest Glasses
from $45.90


Plastic Fantastic
makes you ecstatic

Otago Optical Interior
Our Story

We are on a mission to deliver the latest fashion that fits you, with the quality that you deserve, at fair and honest prices.

Your Experience

A relaxed atmosphere away from the hustle & bustle, with friendly attentive service for each individual.

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